Monday, May 30, 2011

The Afterthought Dress

Wait, no, not like that.  Not in a bad way.  Not like I didn't care.  But there I was.  Three hours 'til spring photoshoot "go time," and I get a wild hair that all of my models needed to have custom made monogrammed dresses as thank you gifts.

My sewing mentor, Frances, was there watching my kids that day so I could sew up some loose ends for the photo shoot.  No pun intended.  And I ask her, "Frances, do you think I would be nuts to try to sew all of the girls (Four of them, in case you were wondering) dresses before the shoot tonight?"  And she just looks at me with those Knowing Frances eyes, as if to say, "Heck yes, you're loony toons.  But I know you're gonna do it anyway."  And so I forged ahead.  After all, they were just four simple pillowcase dresses.  I get all the way finished with the fourth one and looked at the clock.  Shucks!  It's time to go and the embroidery still hasn't been stitched on.

Given that these dresses were afterthoughts, I didn't have enough trim to make them all the same.  Some have these white poms on the bottom and others have white eyelet lace.  But they'll never know, right?

Sigh.  The crazy things we put ourselves through!  I bet you do it too.  Maybe you make miniature fondant cat cupcakes for your kid's entire preschool class like my friend, Brandi.  Or maybe you're always volunteering to babysit your neighbor's kids for free like my friend that shall go unnamed :)

So here's to us, my girlfriends!  Even you, the one I haven't met yet.  At least something good is coming from our stress.  And if you're really good, no one will even know it's an afterthought :)

Today's happiness:  Memorial Day.  For some, it's a reason to kick back and relax.  For others, it's a more somber day spent remembering someone that's no longer here.  But we are still here.  Let's spend the rest of our day doing something that makes others happy that we're alive!