Monday, February 7, 2011

Apron Strings

How did that saying go?  Something about "being tied to her apron strings."  I think it's when you're still bossing your son around when he's like, 36 or something.  But where did that saying come from?  Maybe because he was always hanging around you as a kid, and you always had your apron on?  Isn't that a funny thought.  I have some friends that really do wear aprons.  But that idea seems so foreign to me, to wear an apron every day?  Is it because we couldn't wash our clothes as often, so we went to great lengths to protect them? Even more strange--we cooked every day? *Sigh* Just the thought exhausts me.

Therefore, it makes me feel much better to take the practicality factor out of the apron, and just focus on its cuteness.  Especially if it's shrunken down to toddler size.  
Details coming soon on how you can win one like this for your little one.
I like how it tapers up in the back, so I had to show you.

We got Sabrina a pink retro kitchen for Christmas, but that's not why I made this for her (Obviously, this apron does not go with pink.).  I made it for her preschool Valentine's party.  Not too Valentines-y that she can only wear it in February, but just enough that she can be festively dressed to pass out her mini-potted-grow-your-own-strawberries in style.

Today's happiness:  The heart pocket.  Nothing gives me greater joy than making something for my girl with pockets, and seeing her tiny, perfect hand slipping into it, providing warmth and endless opportunities for treasure storage.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my. That is way too extremely cute.
I have several aprons & wear them when I feel like being all home makey and fancy, but it doesn't happen very often.