Sunday, February 6, 2011



Oh how I have missed you, vicariously through my blog, that is.  

Since I generally like to keep the feel of my blog chipper, I will save you all the details.  But suffice it to say that the last month has been quite a trying time for my family.  It was the kind when the one thing you have to look forward to is that things can only get better, right?!  Ergo, my MIA status in January.

For just these said moments, I happen to have this super old postcard tacked up to my inspiration board:
This came with a super old journal filled with original love poems.
I guess for me, it would read better:  Troubles Worries are like babies.  They only grow bigger by nursing.  Because sometimes troubles do grow bigger without nursing them right?  I mean, we're going along doing life, and through no fault of our own, BAM!  Something totally not cool/fair/nice/pleasant happens to us.  But WORRY, now, that's a wild vine that just twists its away around everything if you even give it a thought.  My Achilles' heel that I am always asking for strength to overcome.

But never fear, things are looking up and I'm getting some inspiration back into my brunette head.  My involuntary hiatus from my Janome sewing machine has come to an abrupt halt with an inspiration for my spring 2012 line.  Seeing it come to life has done wonders for my soul.  

Today's happiness:  If you are my FB fan, you may have seen a post for ideas on how to choose a winner for this super cute teeny apron (3T-ish) that I have made specifically for my blog readers.  So far, Vanessa has been the only one to respond.  So if I don't hear from anymore of you, I think I'll just choose her!  And if you're looking to find another super cool blog to follow, here's hers: Iced Lattes and Ukuleles.  It's way cooler than mine.  Honestly.

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aww you're great. :)