Monday, February 14, 2011

Play-doh works wonders

My typical (half) day:

Slumber is abruptly interrupted at _____AM by one or both children.  

Calls for breakfast begin as immediately as the need to potty when only a dirty, public bathroom is available.

Breakfast, usually cereal or yogurt (occasionally mac 'n' cheese), is consumed by one or both children.


Approximately 22 minutes of peace ensues as quickly as The Fresh Beat Band can cue up "Go Bananas," "Friends Give Friends a Hand," or "Loco Legs."  This is my time.  I sip my coffee, check my email, and play a few words with friends (Play me!  I'm an addict.).

Kids get dressed--Gavin with his shirt backwards, and Sabrina with a tantrum.

Fresh Beat Band is turned off so that all four of us can gather 'round the Round Rug in the kitchen to say our daily family prayer.

Jeff takes Gavin to preschool while I cart the baby (AKA our almost 3 year old toddler, Sabrina) to preschool.

After their 1/2 day preschool is over (Let's pause here to speculate who determined that 2.5 hours qualifies as a "half day."  But I digress.), we--sometimes--come home so I can grill up a cheese quesadilla or two.

Then the countdown for Sabrina's nap begins.  I find myself checking the clock as often as I check my Words With Friends.

I am tired.  I struggle to stay awake long enough to put the baby to bed.  I might even be cranky from the 18 fights the kids have started with each other since they reunited at 12:00.  What mom isn't tired, right?  What mom loves every moment of motherhood?  What mom doesn't wish for a solo trip to a sunny beach with possibly a fancy pink umbrella drink in her freshly manicured hand?

But then, after running an errand without the kids yesterday, I come home to this:
Good thing I snapped a picture fast.  Moments after this was taken, it was eaten by Sabrina. 
You know why I love this?  Yes, I love the blue hydrangeas and pink buttercups. I love the zeal with which they wanted to "surprise" me.  But I love that my husband made it :)  He apologized right away for the mess of play-doh canisters spread across the table, and for the petrified neon orange pellets on the floor.  But I didn't care.  He was doing a craft with our children for me.

It does my soul so much good to know that throughout the daily chaos of life, when he and I are like ships passing in the night while doing the daily grind of parenthood, he still thinks of me.  I love you, Jeff!  Happy Valentine's Day.

Today's happiness:  Let's not stop the love fest!  Remember the apron I promised you?  So a couple of you had some great ideas on how to win it, so I'm going to combine my two favorite. You have from today til the end of the month to post 1) a picture of your little one cooking up something wonderful OR 2) a recipe for fun.  Please post on the blog or the á La Modish fan page.  Either of these options are literal or figurative; creativity is always good!


Anonymous said...

Oh this story warmed my heart! And made me laugh. It sounds a lot like my day but add in an extra kid & me having to rush to work.
If you ever get that spot on the beach & need a friend to gossip with, you know who to call.

Andrea said...

Oh, Vanessa, you'd be a hoot to go on holiday with. "Holiday" just makes it sound so much more exotic, ya know?