Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Same day, different lens

The time has come.  If you have ever read my blog before, there is approximately a 43% chance that you've heard me lament about my lousy iPhone camera, because I apologize for it almost as much as I say "like".  So the camera came in, and I looked at it.  In the box.  For maybe a week or so.  Before I finally drummed up enough nerve to break the seal and remove the perfectly contoured packaging.  And then a really thick owner's manual fell out.

Another 7 days pass before I turn the camera on, only to realize that it's not as simple to operate as my lousy iPhone.  Imagine that.  So I did what all upstanding semi-right brained folk would do; I pushed all the buttons to see what would happen.  It just kept saying something about "this function not being selectable."  Only then did I  read bits and pieces of the manual, but just the parts that directly applied to what I wanted to do at that exact moment.

Now that I can sort of get it to take a picture, I thought it would be fun to post the iPhone vs. the Canon Rebel (GRRRR....doesn't that name sound tough?).  This is a dress I made for Jeff's coworker's new baby.  I used fabric from the spring line.  You can see the line here.

Canon Rebel

The crazy thing is that I took them both from the exact same spot, within seconds of each other.  But look at all that junk in the background that is visible with the iPhone versus the fancy camera.  And look at how pretty and focused the second dress is versus the dull, flat dress in the first picture. 

Perhaps an obvious observation, but it occurred to me that this is just like life.  It's all about the lens you are looking through, right?  Same circumstances, same time, same everything, but the second outlook is so much better.  Notice with the better lens, the junk in the background isn't so apparent.  We'll always have junk, but we don't always have to focus on it.  I hope that today your focus is clear and your day is bright, regardless of how much sunshine is passing through the clouds.

Today's happiness:  Yay for trying something new!  I don't know a thing about photography, but it sure has been fun to play with it.  What have you been wanting to try, but haven't?  WELL.....go do it!  You'll be proud of yourself.
Juuuust waking up from nap time.


Anonymous said...

Do you have photoshop? If so I have a ton of actions that I think you'd like.

These shots look great!
What I always tell people first is to learn how to shoot in manual..then you can mess with the other modes. I usually shoot in apeture priority. :)

Andrea said...

Sdfkwnelkioci. That's what all that sounded like to me, except for the compliment (thank you!). Ha, ha, you'll have to explain what aperture priority is. And any tips on shooting in manual would be appreciated too :)

And photoshop is on the to-buy list!