Thursday, March 10, 2011

Foamy Trees

Strike one:  It's raining.
Strike two:  It's cold.
Strike three:  Both kids have strep throat.

Sooooo...what do you do with your kids on days like this?  Fortunately for me and mine, we had made a pit stop to the local craft store yesterday.  This fueled us with quite a bit of ammo for the triple-whammy home-bound Thursday.  We opted for the foam tree house assembly kit:

Don't give us credit for all this cuteness.  It was very easy to assemble.  But next time I'd use a hot glue gun in lieu of Elmer's.  We had to complete it in two different drying sessions.

Today's happiness silver lining:  Even though both kids are sick, we've had some good QT.  And does the tendency for sick children to nap qualify as silver lining?  You be the judge.  But it will allow me some time to work on a new á La Modish idea for spring 2012!

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