Thursday, March 3, 2011

Closet Life

This morning, I sit with you holding my thin-rimmed mug of Dunkin'Donuts coffee.  My hair hearkens back to my co-ed days of quickly braided pigtails.  I am wearing a light pink Oklahoma Sooners tee-shirt and a pair of slightly snug wide-leg jeans.  My feet are bare.

Just minutes ago, I was smiling to myself while standing in the middle of my closet.  Who else has a closet that looks like the chapters of a book?  If you were to read the chapters of my wardrobe, it would go something like this:

Chapter 1:  Oh!  The fast-fading days of college.  I have well-loved shirts espousing your love.  All three of you (OBU, OU and UK!).  A few pairs of shorts so, well, short that I'm uncomfortable wearing them.  But my husband thinks they're awesome.

Chapter 2:  The only thing stopping this Corporate American woman is a run her thigh-highs and a Starbucks.  All the skirt suits that were worn day in and day out still occupy their fair share of a corner of my closet.  I think I'm saving them for the off chance that I might be meeting the Queen of England.

Chapter 3:  We're gonna party like it's nineteen ninety-nine. because it gives me a good excuse to buy new clothes every weekend.  Fortunately for my well-being and my bank account, this phase only last about 3 months.

Chapter 4:  What?!  It's already time for the ten year class reunion??  Yes, I bought several different options for this reunion.  I think I settled on an orange, trapeze-styled dress with white patent leather wedges.  This was one of the numbers that got beat out:
Umm.  Yeah.  So I really don't think I need to explain why this got beat out.  Rather, why was this purchase ever made??

Chapter 5:  First child was born.  Dead-set on never falling into the mom-clothes trap, I still wear four inch heels while carrying my son around in that super-heavy snap in car seat thing.

Chapter 6:  Second child was born.  Four inch heels cause old cheerleading knee injury to flare up while carrying my daughter around in that super-heavy snap in car seat thing.  Stillettos traded in for ballet flats.

Chapter 7:  What am I going to wear for date night with my handsome hubby?  Well, since we are keeping it pretty tame with dinner out and then maybe a trip to the bookstore, I'll go with Guess jeans, fancy jewelry, and a White House Black Market silk blouse.  Long gone are the days of skirts so short that they wouldn't fit my toddler.

Chapter 8:  "I love designing! I think I'll start my own fashion-line!".  This is where it gets tricky.  You see, I have to look the part on certain occasions, donning stylish vintage earrings and hot-rolled hair.  Possibly even something brand-named that I got on sale at Stein-Mart.

But rest assured, on days like today where I'm just carting the kids to the grocery store and doing laundry, you can take it to the bank that I've got my hair braided and my favorite tee shirt on.

Today's happiness:  Having a full life!  I wouldn't change any of those chapters.  They have all made my life just a wee bit more interesting, if not my closet more crammed.


Anonymous said...

This seriously made me laugh so hard.
I've cleaned out my closet too many times for it to look like a book. But right now it'd look like the I'm a working mom who has to wear decent clothes that don't have to be ironed and resist booger/poop stains or at least camouflage them chapter.
You're a really wonderful writer.

Andrea said...

Aww! You just made my night. Seriously. I only paid you for one comment and you left that last blog.