Monday, July 11, 2011

The dress must go on!

If you have ever read this blog before, chances are that you've noticed my penchant for "making it work."  As in, the final result is usually different than what was originally planned.  So in keeping with the designer that you know me to be, this outfit was no different!  It started off as a dress, until I realized that I made it way too short.  Like, 3 or 4 inches too short.  And on a size 3-6 months dress, that turns the dress into a top!  I thought I'd just add another layer (This is the great thing about mixing fabics--if I have to "rearrange," it looks like I meant to.), except that it made the pink ruffled over skirt look out of place.  So I present to you, the dress-turned-two-piece set.  

This is actually the back of the outfit.  I had to show you that yummy bow and those ruffles :)
And see the lacy ruffle at the bottom of the pantaloons?  Well, that's what makes them pantaloons instead of bloomers :)  The lace was the intended add-on ruffle to the dress, but when stitched to the hem of the pants, they are too long for bloomers.  And so we have pantaloons!

Today's happiness:  Surprises!  I made this for someone not expecting this.  Hope they like it!

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