Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Have mercy on my out-of-state soul!"

Just when I think I'm a big-metropolis kind of girl living in a medium-sized city of 300,000, I find myself shouting commentary to all of the other Chicagoan drivers.  "I'm not a cab driver and don't prefer to drive like one!" or "Charlemagne (This is what I imagine my GPS girl to be named should she be a real live person.), give me a little more heads up next time!"  Usually Jeff drives, but he had driven the first five hours of the trip, and I thought I'd give him a break.  I should probably be more strategic with the break next time so as not to end up driving the crazy, big-metropolis portion.

He had a work trip to which I promptly tagged along.  Three day break from children--check.  Quality time with hubby--check.  Beautiful hotel--check.

I read that this artist also helped restore the Sistine Chapel.  Not sure that he was properly qualified.
Oh, and let's not forget, Chicago Fabric and Trim Show--check!  This show was like candy for anyone that loves textiles, design, or pretty little sparklies.  So, for you and your daughter's pleasure, I have found some Oh so cute! trimmings that will be adorning a La Modish fashions next fall.  It will be enough to make you wish you could fit into a 2T again.

Today's happiness:  Well, actually it was yesterday's happiness.  If you are in Chicago and are looking to have a completely spectacular dinner, check out Gene & Georgetti. It's an old Italian steakhouse.  The kind that makes you suspect that if you pull on the candle sconce, the dark wood paneling will rotate to reveal a room full of card-playing, cigar smoking mobsters.  And they have a really cute menu cover that hasn't changed since 1941.
It's also "air conditioned for your comfort"!

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