Monday, October 25, 2010

Stella is getting her groove

Last night's sewing session earned an entry into my personal Book of World Sewing Records.  This dress was so tiny that American Girl fashions don't have anything on it.

My son's  preschool teacher was recently blessed with a new baby granddaughter, Stella.  Little Miss Stella was born at 32 weeks, at 2 lbs. and some change.  So my first thought was, "Oh dear!  I hope she's doing okay."  And then, of course, my second thought was, "Stella needs a pretty dress like any other baby girl, no matter how small it has to be."

I still wonder if it's too big?

Truthfully, I don't even know if she will be allowed to wear it.  I'm quite certain she's in the NICU, and they might frown upon her wearing something other than hospital wear.  But maybe they'll let her wear it for just a moment.  Long enough for Mama to be afforded that happy moment of dressing her real live baby doll in something sweet and pretty.  And one more moment to snap a picture.

Today's happiness:  I'm guessing most of you have daughters, and that there've been many  reasons to dress her up.  Give her a hug today because she's here, she's precious, and she's yours.  Then say a special prayer for Stella to have many more occasions to wear fancy dresses too :)


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Anonymous said...

Oh that is so adorable, and brought a tear to my eye.