Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Immune system, don't fail me now.

Preschool pickup in an hour.  Still one more errand to run.  But in a desperate need of a mani/pedi.  What to do?!  So in a zealous attempt to be Super/mom/woman/business owner, I try to do it all, and slink into the nearest nail salon I could find.  In this case, I was already in a big box store that offers everything from wonton wrappers to plant fertilizer to, well, nail salons. 

I think it was during the calf massage portion of the pedicure that I literally thought to myself, "Immune system, don't fail me now."  I assumed that the equipment was sterilized, but as I glanced nervously about the room, I saw traces that led me to believe otherwise.

The manicure/pedicure turned out to be mediocre and about $10 less than what I was used to paying.  (If you're looking for an awesome nail tech, go see Chaun--pronounced 'Shawn'--at Nail EnVogue in Hamburg.)

So now that I've painted myself to be a high-maintenance nail snob, I must explain why the "spa" day was necessary.  

Who can tell me what starts this weekend in Lexington?  Why the Holly Day Market, of course!  This was the one part of preparation for the Market that hasn't brought tears to my eyes, but after today's sketchy experience, it came close.
Today's happiness:  The Holly Day Market officially starts on Friday, the 12th.  But for me, it starts tomorrow night when the Preview Party begins.  If you read my blog, come by and say "hi" sometime this weekend!  I would love to meet you.  And don't look too closely at my fingernails.
The Miss Evelyn. 

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