Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ho, ho, ho! Win this SUPER quick!!

Well happy-almost-December!!  I think it was last week that I was lamenting the neighborhood pool closing (*sigh*).  But alas!  December means the holidays!  And for many of you that means Christmas.  Sooooo...I raided my stash of new pillowcase dresses, and look what I pulled out!

Your girl NEEDS to wear this to her Christmas program.

So to my fantastic readers both old and new, I offer this dress up to you.  Remember a couple of months ago when we gave away that dress for reaching our facebook fan goal in like, 2 days?  Well this is about the same, but we only have one week!  (I mean, what good would it be to give away a Santa dress when the season's already gone by?!)

One week from today I will choose one of you as the merry winner if we get to our facebook fan goal of 550 fans by next Tuesday!  Click on the facebook link on the right and it will take you to the page.  Then suggest the "a La Modish" fan page to those that you think would love it! 

Today's happiness:  Hip, hip, hooray for rubber boots!  As I trolled the streets of Lexington today looking for fab vintage finds for some of you, my toes stayed toasty, and my feet stayed dry.  Aah, it's the little things.  And oddly enough, with my braided pigtails I felt a bit like a cowgirl.  Yeehaw!

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