Monday, October 4, 2010

Need a good laugh? Or better yet, a costume idea?

I have a good friend that admittedly clicks on my Facebook profile from time to time just to see pictures of my daughter last Halloween.  It always gives her a good laugh.  So I thought you all might appreciate it as well :)  I got the idea while watching the Amazing Race last fall when they were having one of the Roaming Gnome challenges.  I turned to Jeff and said, "Look at his belly!  He's shaped just like a toddler."  And so Sabrina the Roaming Gnome was born:

My only regret about this costume was that no one noticed my son's mediocre bat costume.  Fortunately, the candy was so plentiful that I don't think he noticed.

Today's happiness:  Ebay delivered part of Sabrina's costume today!  Well, part(s).  Assembly required ;)  Will post after October 31st!

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Ashly said...

That is the best thing EVER!!! :)