Friday, October 8, 2010

Strawberry Wine, 17.....

Can't you hear it now?...........He was workin' through college on my grandpa's farm......I was caught somewhere between a woman and a's funny how those memories, they last......

I was seventeen when Deana's song came out.  I do remember when thirty was old.  And here we are at thirty or beyond.  Really, the music's all the same.  We just listen to it on Pandora or our MP3 players instead of our shiny new CD's, right?

To demonstrate my love for you, I have voluntarily posted a picture of myself at 17.
So next week I will be the recipient of one of the greatest honors ever endowed upon me.  I have been asked to speak to some Sewing 101 high school students.  I'm being totally serious here.  I can't believe that I have the privilege of talking to one of the most valuable groups of people in this world.  Yeah, I'm going to talk about sewing.  But their teacher is astute enough to know that there's so much more to Sewing 101 than sewing.  I get to speak to them about how you don't have to be "trained" to love and excel at something.  If you work hard enough, it will take you places.  

In my own eyes, I am so very far from "excelling,"  But if a former seventeen year old can say anything that ends up sparking a fire in another seventeen year old, now that's success.

Today's happiness:  While going through an old box of photos for this blog post, I found some exceptional pictures of some of my friends from high school.  If you knew me in high school, be on the Facebook lookout :)

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Shelly said...

I love the 17 picture:) My was WAY worse! You actually look better now than then, lucky girl! Loved "Strawberry Wine", what a great summer romance song:) Congratulations on doing a talk for the high school kids. You will be awesome and will probably change the course of the future for some lucky kid(s). You're awesome woman!:)