Monday, December 13, 2010

She believed she could....

so she did.
Wow, what a liberating 3 days it's been.  Free from work.  Free from stress.  Free from solitude.  My best friend of twenty years has flown up to visit for four whole days!  I feel fortunate to have know someone for this long, let alone to have maintained this relationship.  It's changed; oh how it's changed.  But lovely all the same.

So in one of our much missed conversations this weekend, my (above) framed inspiration became a point of discussion.  It's in the corner of my work studio.  You can't see it when you walk in.  Because it's not really meant for you to see.  It's strategically placed where I can see it from my sewing table with a quick sidewards glance.  Just a note of encouragement to myself on those rough days when I feel like I just can't.  And so she and I got to talking about the plight of the stay-at-home-mother.  The desire to be with your children, but wanting to make some income too.  And the seeming lack of work in that job market.  And so we brainstormed about her gifts and what could be done with them.  And you know what's interesting?  It was me that was quick to reel off one talent of hers after the next.  Not her.  Which made me wonder, "At what point in our confidence-inspired childhoods do we forsake the truth for the lie?"  The lie that we can't.  It's too hard.  That won't work.  I'm not good at that.....

Of course, this is absolutely no slight on my friend.  I truly think that most of us think this way.  We are afraid and slow to take action because we just don't think it's possible.  

So I encouraged her--the next time you get the slightest inkling that you might find something interesting, Go with it!  Let your mind go down that road, and anytime you get to a "roadblock" of why it couldn't work, turn directions and keep going, and you'll get there.  *If you want to.*

Today's happiness:  I have one more day of childish fun til it's back to the SDF airport for her.  But we are making the most of it by having a "date" tonight :) .  Dinner suggestions?

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Maria Roberts said...

Thanks for the inspiring words, girlie! You're awesome:)