Monday, August 23, 2010

All together, there are a dozen of them.

Not eggs, but throw pillows, rather.  A baker's dozen if you want to count the "throw" blanket.  I know I'm not the only one,either.

Love the look?  See James at

So why do we do this?  Why do we take the time to gingerly place each pocket of fluff in its exact GPS location, day in and day out, only to be (appropriately) tossed onto the floor every night?  Well, I can't answer for you, but I can answer for me.  If you come to my house, you will likely find several toys laying about and intermingling with the dust that's settled across the wooden floors.  But there are two other things you will also find.  My dishes are done.  My bed is made. 

Jeff and I had "the talk" yesterday.  The talk that outed the fact that I am no longer a stay-at-home mom, but rather a work-at-home mom.  Given this, let's go back to the toss pillows.  You see, it's the last bastion of Orderliness for me.  Before kids and before á La Modish, even when I was working my corporate job, my house looked so tidy!  Not so anymore!  But at least when I walk into two of the most important rooms in the house--our room and the kitchen--I can dupe myself into feeling like I still have it together.

Today's happiness:  On the note of morning routines, I urge you to try this:  Wheat Thins dipped into black coffee.  I don't even like black coffee, but there's something about the bitterness of dark java mixed with the semi-sweetness of a salty Wheat Thin that's just perfect.  Had it this morning, in fact.

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