Friday, August 20, 2010

Hair ornamentation and other sundries

I struggled with what to call this because a) "hair piece" was already taken by that thing that some follicly challenged men resort to and b) "head piece" conjured up images of either a blushing bride or a Native American headdress.  So we go with "hair ornamentation."  It makes it sound like a present, anyway.  So I give to you:

To be attached to a head band

I made this last second when my recent client, J, asked me to make something to go with the party frock I just sewed for her daughter, W.  So I whip this up and think, "Gosh, this is really cute!  I wonder if I should offer accessories like this in my collection?" 

Okay, this is where I really want your opinion.  I am not asking if you like it or not, although feel free to comment on that!  My question is:   (Scenario)  You are going boutique shopping for your daughter and find her a stellar dress.  Perched prettily next to this dress is some hair ornamentation made from the same fabric as the dress!  Would you: 

a) not notice it
b) think to yourself, "Oh, that's sweet." 
c) grab it immediately before someone else scoops it up
d) none of the above 

My quandary with this design gig is balancing the love of designing with the business side, AKA, what will sell.  So any thoughts are welcome and appreciated!  Please send them my way.

Today's happiness:  Baby W!!  J brought her by today.  I got to squeeze her toes, and she smiled at me :) !  Yay for mamas that get to stay home with their babies when that's where their hearts really want to be.


whitneyblairdavis said...

You should definitely do matching hair accessories.. this one you've just made is really unique! Way different than what you see anywhere else.. just like your clothes:)

Jessica said...

I think you should consider a line of headbands/bows in a variety of fabrics, not just to match an outfit. The headband craze has lasted several seasons and it's a style that never goes away for children. I know if I had a little girl I'd love to add a pop of color from a headband to go with a something as simple as a white tee.

And as far as this one goes - adorable!

Kuenys said...

i would purchase a matching hair piece in a second. i think they truly complete an outfit. steven might get a little ticked though if i stuck one of those things in either of my boys' hair! i would do it though if i had a little girl for sure:)