Tuesday, August 3, 2010

He's cooler than the flip side of my pillow.

In the words of Uncle Kracker.  He wrote that song for me to Jeff.  http://www.lyricsty.com/lyrics/u/uncle_kracker/smile.html

I cried today.  Not a happy cry.  Not a sad cry.  But I'm-just-so-tired-and-overwhelmed cry. 

When I used to work for corporate America, I missed being at home with my kids.  And then I stayed home with my kids, but missed dressing up in my suits everyday.  And so here I am in between, working from home, starting a business.  Living the dream for my children to see.  Being inspired and hopefully inspiring others.  But I'm tired.  I feel like my husband and family are strangers.  My bed is just a pause between working hours.

And then I think of him.  And then it's a happy cry.  I love him, I need him.  He cheers me on.  He tells me I'm great and that he's infinitely proud of me.  He understands when I get out of bed at 11:00 p.m for just one more email. If not for him, than none of this.  I love him.

Today's happiness:  Jeff.

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