Sunday, August 1, 2010

When life gives you lemons...

Go back to the ol' drawing board.

So a few months ago, I designed a fab-u-lous outfit for my daughter.  I sewed it out, and it looked so fun and girly on her.  Loved it!  So much so, that I designed a second one in the fabrics from my up and coming collection.  Enter the lemons.

I get the sample back.  The fabric combination that looked so interesting in my head was down right dull in real life.  Not to mention it was sewn completely wrong.  It was very un-fun and dowdy. 

So what to do with a sample that I loved half of but loathed the other part?  Make some fresh-squeezed lemonade, of course!  In other words, keep what I liked, and redesign the rest.  Much like most of life, eh?  That's the good part.  We get to choose what we do with our lives.  Keep what we like, and change what we don't.  And what we can't change, we can usually find a way to make it liveable, don't you think?

Today's happiness:  I have actually seen this design sewn out since this sketch, and it turned out beautifully!  Thank you to Little Miss Emmy for making it come alive for photographs (to be posted soon!).

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