Monday, August 9, 2010

Shaking in my boots, but smiling :)

It's kind of like in junior high, when you know you're about to get your first kiss, and you're scared to death that you're going to get it all wrong, yet you still go for it--smiling (at least on the inside!).

So that's what today has been for me.  Ever since my techie, awesome web design girl, Kate, emailed me today with shouts of, "It's alive!" (, I have been scared to pieces, but happily unaware of that fear all at the same time.

What if people don't like the site, or worse, the clothing?  Well, it's out there now.  There's no turning back.  Here it is world.  Bland or brilliant.  But whatever comes of all this, I did it.  It started from nothing, and my dream's come to fruition.  An extension of my raw self.  Eek!  Be kind, my friends :)

Miss Emmy wearing the Candy Stripe Set.

Today's happiness:  Friends that go above and beyond the call of duty because they believe in you, love you, or at least like you ;)  Thank you, Katie, for enduring all my emails and for working on my website during your vacation!  And thank you, dear Priscilla, for making my clothes come alive with your gift of photography.  See more of Katie's work at and Priscilla's at


Vanessa @ SoDarnHappy said...

The new site looks wonderful! It's very professional but still super fun. :)

Andrea said...

Vanessa, that's about the best compliment you could give me :) Thanks.