Thursday, September 16, 2010

"C" is for...

Chickened out.  Or maybe--Changed my mind.  On the framed buttons.  As beautiful as they are on my mantle (and that is where they are going to stay), it reminded me of another time that I had a gift idea go awry.  It was the time that I saw some really cool bars of soap that had wool roving felted around them.  (You know, for exfoliating purposes.).  But I chose a really bad color of roving to wrap around my lavender infused soap--black and white.  It turned out looking like a dead skunk had been coerced around a hockey puck.  So instead of producing original gifts, I have several unused bars of floral soaps adding to the pile in my crafting graveyard.

So Jeff suggested I go the traditional route of dish towels.  I made a couple:

Tea towel #1

Tea towel #2
 But somehow, tea towels just seemed a little too, well, traditional for my tastes.  So I had to do one more:

Welcome to the 'hood, M family!

Today's happiness:  Perhaps it's too early in the relationship to let on to the new neighbors that my sense of humor's a little quirky.  But I gave myself a good laugh, anyway :)

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Ashly said...

love them! perfect! :)