Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"M" is for...

Mistake.  Well, it was supposed to be for my new neighbors' monogram, but it kept turning out to look like Mickey Mouse.  Imagine two round, shiny black buttons on either corner of the top of the "M".

Yeah, so we've been really excited about our new neighbors that are about to move in.  They're really nice, considerate people.  The kind of friends you'd be proud to bring home to Mom.  So I decided to make them a house warming gift.  You know, like make their monogram out of buttons, affix it to a cute-fabric covered backing, and frame it.  You already know the rest of the story.  So this is what I did instead:

Hmm...this looks quite nice on my own mantle...

The problem is, these are our new neighbors.  Meaning that I only know approximately 3 things about them.  One of those three isn't whether or not she has an undying affectionate love for all things vintage, namely a vintage button collection.  So upon opening, the bearer will immediately be informed that the gift can be shamelessly regifted to someone else who would love it should it not work out with her decor. 

Oh, did I mention she's an interior designer??

Today's happiness:  She/they might like it.  If not, I might end up with some nice vintage buttons displayed in a pretty faux gesso frame :)

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