Sunday, September 5, 2010

To my fellow (circle one) crying or happy mothers,

Back to school. 

Okay, so I guess it was "back to school" for my son.  But it's just "to school" for my daughter.  Her first week of preschool to be exact.  I know back in my day as a toddler, none of us went to preschool.  But, alas, times have changed.  For one reason or another we usually send our kids to preschool, right?  Maybe it's the socialization.  Maybe it's for Mom's Day Out.  Or maybe it's a form of childcare for the working family.

But this week of September brings the start of a lengthy road of school for our youngest.  And along with her first glimpse of school came a super ugly, neon green tote bag that we were supposed to decorate and affix/apply/adhere her name.  So after I got over my high-falutin designer's evaluation of the tote bag color choice, I realized that this was actually the perfect opportunity to repurpose some vintage sheets that I had on hand

Anyone else's daughter obsessed with HK?  I must admit that I secretly share this sentiment with my child.
Today's happiness:  Her name is actually covering up a boo boo in the original monogramming.  Yay for happy accidents that end up making things better :0)

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