Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To sum it all up with one interjectory sentence:

What a phenomenal experience!  The place went on and on forever.

Children's World was all the way on top.  Good thing I'm not scared of heights.
Of course, I'm referring to the Atlanta market.  I met some super gifted designers that helped me understand the business from "our" side of things, and the line got fantastic exposure in front of thousands of buyers--all with orders, of course! 

The Sweet Sabrina in the showroom window.  Look at how cute those pantaloons are underneath.

Today's happiness:  Did I mention one of the highlights of the trip? You may have seen my FB posting of a model asking to a) borrow my lip gloss and b) know what agency I was "with".  Bwah, ha, ha!  But thank you :)
MAC Viva Glam VI--It was "too pink" for her.

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