Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick! Win this!

Displayed with a black turtleneck underneath
Please excuse the shoddy photography.  I know you can see over the top of the backdrop.  (If I'm self-deprecating enough, does it make the picture good??)

So I thought it was high time for another give away.  Up for your winning pleasure today is a candy corn pillowcase dress.  Just in time for fall!  For some reason, people seem to enjoy the way these candy corn dresses look WAY better than the way candy corn actually tastes, but I digress.

This is how you could win:  Suggest that every person you know that knows a kid, become a fan (or "like") a La Modish on Facebook.  If we get to 250 likes or more by October 1st, one of you is going home as the lucky winner.  See the cute little FB badge above and to the right?  Click on it.  It starts with you.

Today's happiness:  It's looking a little gray in the Bluegrass State today, but I'm okay with that.  It means that fall is almost here.  Aunt Harriet's apple cider, the beautiful foliage change, chili at football tailgates.  They all rank right up there with heaven.

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